We would like to invite you to the meanwhile
which will again offer a wide range of harmonium and reed organ music within four days this year at Brüggen situated in the Maas and North Rhine area.
It is our national holiday that allows us to start already on Thursday evening, and we will finish on Sunday afternoon so that anyone who has to start working on Monday morning again will have the opportunity to get home in time.
"Original versus adaptation" is running like a golden thread through the festival concerts.
A lot of sheet music came into existence to give people the opportunity to enjoy opera or orchestral music at home, especially as the late romantic period did not offer sound recordings.

So join our stroll through the parlours of the late 19th and early 20th century, listen to what reached the ears of people some generations ago – and, if you like, take a look at these things from the musicological point of view.

This year's artists will come from Sweden, England, The Netherlands and Germany.
As our regular guests know, the festival is always like meeting old friends. Get in touch with musicians, composers and harmonium specialists and take the opportunity for talking shop or just exploring the lovely village of Brüggen to enjoy a good tea or coffee and the legendary pancakes...