Inviting you to visit the
at Brüggen situated in the Maas and North Rhine area we stick to castles and gardens – but we will also remain true in presenting harmonium and reed organ music of rich variety during an inspiring autumn weekend.
Artists from France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Great Britain and Germany will throw a kaleidoscopic spotlight not only on both well-known types of construction – suction and pressure – but also on one of their predecessors, the physharmonica.
This year we keep in mind the kids as well:
Children aged 8-12 will have fun attending our workshop "Pustekuchen" on Saturday morning, a hands-on learning about how a reed organ works.
We are looking forward to meeting you at the festival whether listening to a single concert or making a subscription.
Besides, of course the opportunity will arise for talking shop, visiting the sheet music and instrument exhibition or just strolling through the lovely village of Brüggen to enjoy a good tea or coffee and a pancake...