Opening concert
Bach in Swedish

Friday, October 2nd 2015, 7:30 p.m.

Lisa Rydberg, Violin
Gunnar Idenstam, Reed Organ

With their classical training as a base and with their feet firmly in the Swedish folk music tradition, Lisa and Gunnar invite Father Bach to dance his own dance side by side with the Swedish "polska". There is much common ground – melody lines, harmony sequences, accentuations, ornamentations and rhythmic inclinations – all giving a common shape or feeling to both kinds of music.

During the Baroque period the distinction between 'classical' music and 'folk' music was not as clear as it is today. There was a living tradition of dances, only sometimes written down. During the 18th century it was an accepted part of a church organist's work in Sweden to play dance music with local folk musicians at weddings and other celebrations. So Bach and the Swedish folk musicians… what if they really did meet?

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Ensemble Alexandre
Perles musicales

Saturday, October 3rd 2015, 7:30 p.m.

Ulrich Cordes, Tenor
Sarah Günnewig, Harp
Christoph Lahme, Harmonium

At first sight the Ensemble Alexandre offers a nowadays somewhat uncommon cast of instrumentation. But during the period of musical romanticism many compositions have been written – especially in France – which combine the advantages of the percussive sound of the harp with the expressiveness of the harmonium to a sound impression in between chamber music and the full range of an orchestra.

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Harmonium meets...
... Tango

Sunday, October 4th 2015, 3:00 p.m.

Sebastian Langer, Clarinet
Jan Frederik Thomsen, Violoncello
Klaus Langer,
Reed Organ and presentation

Follow us back into the 19th century and join us reflecting the history of the tango argentino with its roots in the area around the Rio de la Plata – a real melting pot of cultures. Let Carlos Gardel's "tango cancion" awake your emotions and find out what makes Astor Piazolla's "tango nuevo" artificial. The presentation will be in German language and may be followed by a relaxed Sunday afternoon tea time...

Final concert
Harmonium Recital

Sunday, October 4th 2015, 7:30 p.m.

Joris Verdin, Harmonium

As an organist and musicologist Joris Verdin focusses on reviving forgotten music – no wonder that he has become internationally renowned as a specialist for the harmonium. He will play his own instrument built by Victor Mustel, a highly skilled harmonium builder of Paris who is well known for his quality work up to now. Enjoy the variety of the selected compositions and the outstanding virtuosity of his performance.

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